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We specialize in health and fitness for women of all ages and life stages, providing fun fitness for teens, prenatal and postpartum programs for new and expectant moms as well as effective fat blasting, muscle strengthening strategies for overall women's health.

What We Believe

Because weight is not the problem, weight loss can not be the solution. Obesity and its related diseases are the product of excess body fat, not weight.  She Fit Life specializes in training women for fat loss specifically.

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Fat Loss Key #1

Nutrition is the first priority because you simply can not exercise your way out of a poor diet.  We discuss food, supplements, medications and environmental substances that affect health, wellness and fat loss, unique to each stage of life.



Fat Loss Key #2

We teach Recovery Based Intelligent Training.  We believe in effective and efficient fat burning exercise, customized to your fitness level.  The good news?  Depending on your personal goals, average time spent on workouts is only 2 to 4 hours per week…30 minutes is the new hour!



Fat Loss Key #3

Sleep and stress have nothing to do with calories, but they certainly affect your biochemistry and the success or failure of your fat loss efforts.  We will address these issues and equip you with the tools you need to manage them.

Some Of Our Services

No matter the service you choose, you can expect unparalleled instruction from experienced personal trainers based on relevant cutting edge fat loss strategies.  We promise to give you our very best!  No gimmicks, just proven sustainable solutions.

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Female Fat Loss Club

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Personal Training

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Teen Fitness

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About Us

The She Fit Life Team

She Fit Life is a next-generation health and fitness company dedicated to helping women attain optimal health and wellness throughout the many life stages with a focus on fat loss while restoring metabolic balance and disease prevention or reversal.  Our trainers and support staff are knowledgeable and well trained in health and fitness with a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our clients’ care.

We believe in a holistic approach to nutrition, health and complete wellness. A program that is focused on weight loss and diets is not necessarily a healthy one. However, a program that is focused on FAT loss and health is always one that offers the loss of unnecessary weight.


We believe in eating for your specific metabolic needs and quality over quantity. We focus on hormonal messengers, not calories or the ratios thereof. We teach our clients how to ignite the metabolism rather than shut it down.


We believe in working smarter and more efficient as opposed to more and longer…30 minutes is the new hour!

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We offer specialized fat loss programs and protocols, nutrition counseling and personal training for women.